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We Practice Safety

We believe that a job well-done includes prioritizing the safety of our client, crew, and anyone around the job site. ​We continue to invest in gear, training, and safety measures to enable our crew members to take on any situation with the utmost care.


Formal training is of great importance to us. Within the first 6 months of employment, a field crew member completes formal training; this training gives them the skills to detect workplace hazards as well as teaches them basic safety and diligence in the construction industry.


Our perimeter safety system, exclusive to Reiss Earthworks, ensures that we keep bystanders aware and safe from the hazards of our job site. This system is especially useful when we are working in high trafficked residential areas and no commercial construction fence is present. 


Personal Protective Equipment such as hard hat, eye and ear protection, high visibility attire, gloves, boots, and respiration masks are all provided to our crew.


We are also proud to say that our crew has successfully completed their CPR and AED training. Our crew members having their CPR and AED certification ensures that we are better prepared for an emergency situation wherever our work takes us.

Without communication, the best safety plan can not be seen thru. Our entire team including field crew and office is equipped with professional grade radios powered off the telecommunications towers. This allows instant and constant communication on the job site and thru out the company.


Reiss Earthworks Safety Program puts an emphasis on planning, preparation, and communication.


“Safety is not a thing to be “ranked,” but rather, a state of mind, to be applied as needed to a myriad of situations in varying amounts. But if we were to rank it, it would rarely be “first.” Were safety truly “first,” no level of risk would ever be encouraged or permitted, and no work would ever get done. Or play, for that matter. Obviously, this does not mean that Safety isn’t a critical part of living. It is."

- Mike Rowe

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